Jag Bhandari (JB), the founder of One Vision One World  travelled through most of Canada to promote Global peace and a World without any limitations to achieve their goals.  The main focus of his trip was to encourage the Canadians and World citizens to come out and use their judgment to elect the right leadership. There is a dire need of right kind of leadership in the world to bring peace and promote communual harmony. To achieve this goal, we can utilize ever-changing technology for our benefit. The most important need is to educate our parents and grandparents with our new technology, so they can be well connected with their siblings.
JB believes that every human being has the right to accomplish his or her dreams without any financial barriers.  The unity of the world is much needed to bring down the mental barriers as well as man made boundaries around the world. When we are united as one entity that can save our resources to connect ourselves with the outer world. This can only be attained if we involve ourselves at grass root level in the world politics and force our leaders to stop using our hard earned resources for waging fruitless wars.

The history is a witness that any movement always starts from one and then it spreads like a wild fire to bring a positive change in the lives of everyone. This kind of history making movement always starts from one city to another city, one province to another province and it quickly engulfs the whole world. The concept of One Vision One World implies that there is no room for any kind of violence as well as for vandalism, no room for drugs and any type of discrimination, zero toleration for corruption and pollution and above all there is no room for long lineups for medical emergency as well as for heavy traffics. An average world citizen enjoy happy life while living together, working together, dancing together and above all embracing one another's faith with a smile on their face.

Do you know that in one day there are 86,400 seconds and a normal world citizen sleeps at least 28,800 seconds (8 hrs) a day. It means that we have an opportunity to smile atleast 57,600 seconds in a day, so we should smile and smile and smile because smile is contagious. Why not we smile together, dance together, bring the whole world together while holding one another's hands.


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